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Beginner-only offer: 6 weeks for the price of 5!

£60.00 £78.00
We understand life is busy, so our beginners classes in both Salsa & Bachata run on a highly flexible 8-week rolling syllabus. This means you can join anytime and if you miss a week, it's not a problem!

However, like any new skill worth learning, a measure of commitment can be a very good thing.

For this reason, we offer all new beginner dancers* the chance to pre-pay for your first 5 weeks at a discounted price of just £60 meaning your 6th week is completely free.
That's a saving of up to £18, as a reward for your 6-week commitment!

*any beginner dancer who has attended less than 2 weeks at Salsa Esperienza classes.

You’ll be given a loyalty card which we’ll stamp for you each week.

We're confident 6 weeks of classes will be enough time for you to see significant progress in your learning. After week 6, classes continue on a drop-in basis at the regular price of £13 per person.


1. Can be purchased anytime before your second beginners class
2. Non-transferrable

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